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Such a pleasure to introduce you to Bumble Mama Erin and her beautiful little one, Baby Meyer. This gorgeous Bumble Mama's candid look at motherhood will have you smiling and laughing learning that you weren't alone in those Google searches on baby's stool colors. Her honest experience at motherhood in those first few weeks are comical, fun and will leave you wanting to shout "Welcome to the Club!" To read even more of Erin's stories, you should visit her hilariously named blog "Who Else But Erin?" One of our personal favorites is "Beware of the Pregnant Lady in Row 12!". 


Eleven weeks ago, I gave birth to my first child, a daughter named Meyer

London. And while I thought I had been somewhat prepped for

motherhood by my friends, my family and that handy What To Expect

When You’re Expecting book, there were some things that no one could

have told me. Things that I would simply have to experience to know true


For the first few days once she was home, Meyer was not pooping at all.

When I took her to the pediatrician for her first appointment that week, I

voiced my concern to the doctor. She told me that if she didn’t poop that

day then I could try using a rectal thermometer to speed things along. I

was all ready to utilize the thermometer that night when the inevitable

happened. Meyer pooped! I cheerfully changed her diaper, got her

dressed again and before I could bring her into the other room, I heard

that unmistakable gush of a poop. Wow, she was on a roll! I carefully

removed her diaper and reached for the wipes when- WHOOSH! She had

projectile pooped all over me, the changing table and that poor pink teddy

bear bystander while her legs were in the air. I called for my mom as I tried

to compose myself. “Is this normal?” I asked her, as she bent over

laughing. “I’ve never seen a baby projectile poop!” she confessed. But

funny enough, she saw Meyer do it three more times that week.


I always thought that I wouldn’t be one of those moms who never had

time to herself to either get a few lunges in while the baby was napping or

paint my nails quickly while my husband was giving her a bath. But I soon

realized that nothing else mattered than that baby. I don’t think I brushed

my hair or even looked in the mirror that first week that I brought her

home. I would rather lie on the couch and stare at her little face all day

than drag my butt in the shower.


I thought that I met my Google search quota in my twenties looking up

every single fact that I could about a boy that I was obsessed with but I

was wrong! Motherhood has completely changed my Googling game! I

have Googled everything from ‘baby belly button goop’ to ‘is my baby’s

poop supposed to look like mustard?’ (And yes, mustard poop is

completely normal).


I never knew how many baby products there were out there until I ran out

of wipes and found myself in Target, overwhelmed by nasal aspirators,

thermometers and swaddling blankets. Did I really need all of these

products? Would I be a bad mom if I didn’t get that certain brand of diapers?

The answer? No and no. You’ll figure out what products your

baby needs and realize that a diaper is a diaper and you go through them

so fast that it doesn’t matter how cute those little monkeys on the front

are when it is saturated with pee.


I thought I was emotional before I gave birth but nothing compares to

those post pregnancy hormones. Every day I felt like I was in a glass case

of emotion, crying while just looking at Meyer’s beautiful face. I cried

because I didn’t want to ever bring her on a plane, send her to

Kindergarten or let her drive once she turned sixteen. Why was I even

thinking about this now? But I never want to let my baby out of my sight!

Uh-oh, here come those tears again!


Modesty completely goes out the window once you give birth. I had about

sixteen nurses and doctors staring at my lady parts along with my

husband, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and mom. But did I care? Nope!

And as much as you try to be discreet while breastfeeding in public with

those cute nursing scarves, when the baby is hungry, she needs to eat

now! And if there is an accidental nipple flashing while trying to nurse at

the Peterson Automotive Museum (true story) then those tourists will just

have to deal with it!


The most amazing feeling that no one can describe to you is the love that

overcomes your body the minute you lock eyes with your newborn for the

first time. It is an incredible feeling that I hope everyone will get to

experience one day. And it doesn’t stop there. The second I saw my

husband with Meyer, my heart melted. Motherhood is the most amazing,

challenging, exhausting and joyful experience that I have ever felt. And as

much as I hope all of you will have that feeling one day, no one will ever

be able to describe it for you and like me, you will have to experience it

yourself to understand.