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I am so thrilled to be able to bring to you what has been my passion for close to two decades. Being able to combine my love for fashion, design and family is an absolute dream. From a young age, I would spend much of my free time drawing and sewing and having been born into a family of entrepreneurs, I always knew that my love of fashion and business would come together one day.

After fashion design school and spending years working in the accessories department at a major fashion retailer throughout university, I designed my first evening handbag in 1997. I began selling at several Los Angeles stores and developed a nice business working with fashion stylists and their celebrity clientele. 

I had no idea that 5 years later I would find myself designing diaper bags even though I had no children of my own. However after some prodding from a few pregnant friends, a couple pregnant family members and a certain celeb client, I began designing diaper bags.

I look back in my career and remember the days when I was setting up tents at craft fairs and selling the evening bags that I had just finished sewing the night before or being up till the wee hours of the night cutting fabric with gloves and band-aids on because of sore hands.

There were many years that I was a one gal show even though many assumed we were a much bigger company. I was the packer, the seller, the designer… basically I wore so many hats that I could open a corner hat store. I believe it is those long days and sore hands that built the foundation of Bumble Collection.

"I love interacting with our customers and being a part of such a special time in their lives - motherhood."

After nineteen years, I am still hands on with all departments and continue to frequently answer the customer service phones and assist customers with their orders. I love interacting with our customers and being a part of such a special time in their lives - motherhood. It is that connection to our customers that keeps me motivated to continue to create products that makes their mommy years easier.

Now with two kids by my side and balancing work and family life, I am a tad busier (to say the least) than when I first began, but I love every moment of being a mompreneur and I thank each and every one of our customers who has allowed Bumble to be a part of their motherhood journey.


Jennie Lynn Johanson