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Children’s books are a wonderful tool to inspire and encourage a compassionate heart and a spark the spirit of giving. According to TheBalance.com, a good age to introduce kids to the idea of charity is 3-4 years old. At that age a child is able to comprehend that others have a life outside of bringing them their sippy cup and playing peek a boo. Here are a few suggestions...

1- The Gift Inside the Box by Adam Grant and Allison Sweet Grant

Named as one of Amazon’s 2019 Holiday Gift Picks. This book is a light-hearted tale of a gift in search of a giver. “Truly phenomenal . . . Kristen [Bell]’s favorite book we’ve read to the kids in a year.” –Dax Shepard of the podcast “Armchair Expert”

2-Pass It On by Sophy Henn

A delightful story that shows children passing along a smile or simply sharing a moment of happiness is the best gift of all. A upbeat, perfect read aloud book that will be one that a child will want to read again and again.

 3- The Thank you Letter by Jane Cabrera

    A little girl named Grace writes thank you notes for birthday gifts she received from friends and family. As she begins to write them, she soon discovers that she is enjoying the feeling of gratitude and it is making her feel pretty wonderful. So she begins to write thank you notes to her community and soon the whole town is writing thank you notes to each other.

     4- The Berenstain Bears Think of Those in Need by Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain

    The classic Berenstain Bears realize they have too much stuff and decide to donate to those in need. In this story, the reader observes the bears just don’t give physical items to those in need, but also give their time and energy to those in the community.

       5- Harold Loves His Wooly Hat by Vern Kousky Harold uncovers the truth of why a crow took his wooly hat. In a desperate attempt to get his hat back, a compassionate and kind-hearted Harold finds others who need it more than he does.