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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I accidentally dropped grape juice on my diaper bag. How do you suggest I clean my bag?

A: Grape juice. Oh my. No problem. Since our exterior fabrics are stain resistant, the stain will live on top of the fabric and not absorb into the fibers of the fabric. So simply use a stain remover and let it penetrate the stain. You could also use warm sudsy water and fabric detergent to gently dab at the stain. Wipe clean with warm water. Repeat if necessary. Lay flat to dry.

Q: I left my changing pad in a restaurant bathroom and when I went back it was gone. Do you sell replacement pieces?

A: A diaper bag without a changing pad wouldn’t be a diaper bag at all. We absolutely sell replacement pieces including changing pads, zipper pulls, shoulder straps, bottom feet, snaphooks and rings to name a few. Just email us at hello@bumblecollection.com

Q: I live in a rainy and sometimes snowy area. Do I need to use a plastic covering on my Bumble diaper bag to protect it?

A: Nope. Our diaper bags use a water resistant exterior fabric. The fabric is so tightly woven together that it creates a shield that casts out moisture. So you can happily use our diaper bags year round in any kind of weather.

Q: I am a retailer and would like to inquire on carrying Bumble products in my store. Whom should I contact for wholesale information?

A: We would be happy to guide you through the wholesale process to carry our product. In order for us to learn more about your store, please fill out our online wholesale application found here. We will contact you with more details upon receival of your application.

Q: I try to do my part for the earth and do my best to choose earth friendly baby products. What does Bumble products do to help contribute for a healthier tomorrow?

A: We pride ourselves in using our own proprietary environmentally friendly printing process that develops our fabrics without the use of harsh chemicals or synthetic preservatives. Furthermore all our products are pvc-free and lead free.

Q: My baby had an “oopsy” on his changing pad. How do you suggest I clean my changing pad?

A: Oopsies are not a problem. Simply pop that changing pad in the washing machine on gentle cycle with a liquid detergent. You may lay flat to dry or if you prefer dry on a low setting.

Q: My wife would like a Bumble diaper bag, but I would like to let her choose. Do you have a gift certificate that I can purchase?

A: A gift certificate is a wonderful gift and we’re sure she would love it. Yes. We do have a very nice gift certificate available directly on our website. You can purchase your own here.

Q: Where can I find Bumble Collection product?

A: Bumble Collection can be found at fine independent boutiques and specialty stores worldwide. Please check our Store Locator to find a store near you. You can also find Bumble Collection in our own online store.

Q: What is your returns policy?

A: To view our Returns and Exchanges Policy click here.

Q: I am interested in joining the mommy focus group. How can I go about joining?

A: Since we launched in 1997, we have enjoyed interacting with our many mamas from our Mommy Focus Group. Our Mommy Focus Group mamas review our product and give feedback on prints, products and design. They receive product gratis on behalf of Bumble Collection in exchange for opinions. At this time, we are at not currently adding more mamas however please do fill out the following form and you will be contacted if a space opens up in your territory.

Mommy Focus Group