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We are so thrilled to introduce you to our very own Bumble designer/founder Jennie Lynn Johanson. Since 1997, she has been the designer behind Bumble Collection and has taken us from the beginning with only two diaper bags in the line to a collection that now includes several style of diaper bags and family accessories such as lunch bags, playmats and picnic bags. We invite you to get to know our very own Jennie Lynn and learn a bit more about her family life, how she fits in work being a mompreneur and how she winds down after a long day. This Bumble mama has a love for animals, drawing and painting. Plus she admits that she is a make-up addict and she shares a few of her favorite products and the one beauty item she can’t live without. She has her hands full with managing her business, but being able to make it to class field trips always come first for this working mama. Her Instagram account is filled with pictures of family life, travel and everyday goings-ons from the Bumble offices to outings with her two boys and date nights with her hubby.  Enjoy! 
How many kiddos do you have?
I have two boys, ages 3 and 7 years old. My 7 year old is in 2nd grade and my 3 year old is starting pre-school this Fall. How the years fly by! I am in a house of boys with my two boys, my hubby and even the family dog is a boy! 
What is your kids favorite thing to do right now?
We have a trampoline in our backyard and they love jumping together on it. The family dog even likes to join in and the boys think it is just hilarious when they see him bouncing on the trampoline.
What is your favorite activity to do with your little ones?
Anything with animals. We love visiting aquariums and watching the fish and touching the starfishes. We are squeezing in a visit to the nearby Marine Institute before the Summer ends and the boys are so excited! 
SAHM, WAHM or Working mama?
I am a working mama. I started Bumble before I had kids. So when I had my first baby, I made a pact to myself that regardless of work I would make every school performance, volunteer for school activities and attend class field trips. So in order to help balance work and family life, I take a lot of work home with me and after the kids go to sleep I work into the wee hours of the night. 
Do you have any hobbies?
Since I was little, I loved drawing and painting. I wish there was more time in the day to be able to do that more. I have a craft room full of paints, brushes and markers. I have always enjoyed reading. I love biographies and true crime books. I am always in between a couple books. I like to read before bed. That is my way of decompressing from the day.
Do you have any pets?
We recently adopted a puppy named George. He was a rescue that they found wandering the streets. He is a terrier mix. I bring him to the office every day and he is our official office mascot. He has a wardrobe of bow ties, sweaters and rain jackets. He even has a hat with built in sunglasses. Although he’s not a real fan of that look ;) 
Did you have any cravings while preggie?
Anyone who knew when I was pregnant would tell you that I had a thing for grilled cheese sandwiches with a touch of honey mustard. I never liked mustard before, but for some reason I just had to have it. Sometimes I would have two grilled cheeses sandwiches in one day. Plus I was nauseous all the time, the only thing that took it away was slurpees from 7-Eleven. My pregnant friend gave me the tip and it worked like a charm.
What is one makeup item you can't live without?
I have always had a hard time finding a mascara that doesn’t give me raccoon eyes. I started using Blinc mascara that literally tubes the lashes and comes off with hot water. 
What is your favorite makeup brand?
I love makeup. I am a make-up girly girl and you could probably say I have an addiction to makeup  My favorite foundation was by SK-II. It was a purse size air brush foundation machine that came in a round, compact case. They sadly discontinued it. Now I use Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation which is so lightweight and gives a slightly dewy look. I love the Laura Mercier Illuminator. Just a quick brush above my cheekbones and down my nose and I’m good to go. Last, the Urban Decay Naked Eyes eyeshadow palette is a great selection of nude everyday colors. 
What was your go to mama-to-be outfit?
Leggings, preggie jeans and comfy Ugg boots for my first baby. I was living in snowy Boston and gave birth in January. The view from my hospital window was the frozen over Charles River and the snow covered trees. My second child, I was back in sunny California so sundresses, long necklaces and pretty flats were my staples.
If you can only choose one... Massage or hair blow out?
Definitely massage. I usually like to do my own hair so it’s massage for sure. 
If you can only choose one...Tea or Coffee?
Tea please. I love Chai tea, vanilla tea and this great lavender tea before bedtime from Teavana. They used to have this banana rooibos tea that was so yummy, but just like my favorite foundation they discontinued it too :(    
Do you prefer sun or snow?
I’d rather snow than sun. Yes. The weather is very nice in California and wearing sundresses and shorts into winter some years is pretty fantastic. However the snow covered ground is a sight to see and when you’re inside and seeing the snow fall all around you is like being in a big snow globe. 
What is your favorite way to unwind at the end of a long day?
A face mask, a hot cup of tea and a good book. Works every time!
What is the best advice you can give from one mama to another mama?
Enjoy every moment and don’t get wrapped up in the small stuff. I feel like I stressed out on a lot of things and was really hard on myself at times. You can’t get back cuddle time when they are little. So looking back I would’ve rather spent time cuddling than worrying about whether or not my baby drank enough for the day or whether or not they slept for the appropriate amount of time.
What is your fave Bumble product?
I use my Bon Apetit lunch bag all the time. It’s great for taking my lunch to the office and to carry my little one’s snacks when we head out for the day. It’s the perfect size to put under the stroller yet small enough to carry on my shoulder without it weighing me down.