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Brianne is a happy mother of one to her beautiful baby boy! Brianne and her family reside in sunny Arizona.  Here's a one on one Q+A session we had with this Bumble mama. Check out her blog to follow the many adventures of motherhood set forth for Brianne and Gentry Hudson through her lovely blog www.thesentimentalmama.com 

Where is your hometown?
     I have moved so much in my life but I was born in Anaheim, CA!
How many kiddos do you have?
     I have a little boy named Gentry Hudson who is 18 months old!
What is Gentry's favorite thing to do right now?
     He's obsessed with clapping, playing patty cake and singing wheels on the bus. Beyond obsessed with buttons and buckles and getting into things he shouldn't. But that's nothing new :)
What is your favorite activity to do with your little one?
     I love to read him books because of how interested he is in them. But cuddling on the rocking chair after a long day would have to be my personal favorite "activity."
 Do you work?
     I currently run my own blog and I am a SAHM!
Do you have any hobbies?
     Ever since I can remember, Photography has been in my life in one way or another. Today, I can say its one of my favorite hobbies. I also love to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, for free, just be cause I love to help out!
Do you have any pets?
     We don't! I keep asking my husband for a puppy but we have yet to get one! Is it weird I already have the future puppy's name picked out? :)
What was your favorite craving while being pregnant with Gentry?
     CARBS. Anything and everything that was carb related. From sugar, to breads and pastas... Oh man you name it and I wanted it!
What is the one makeup item that you can't live without?
     My mascara!
What is on your book list faves? Any book suggestions for new mommies?
     I am such a horrible "book reader" lol I love reading blogs which helped me the most when Gentry was first born. I however did pick and choose specific things in various books to read which I highly recommend doing! One of the books I picked at the most was On Becoming Baby Wise.
What are top 5 favorite clothing brands?
     Rags to Raches, Kid and Kind, Trendy Treehouse, The Printed Palette, Carters
Describe to us what your ideal weekend would be?
      Oh boy. I don't know where to begin other than, sleep? :) I would love to take a trip with a girlfriend... start off on a shopping spree and after that I would like to head over to a fancy spa! Massages and mani pedi's for us both.... And by then I'm sure we would have worked up an appetite... So a nice lunch with some sangria... Should I continue? :)
What is your favorite way to relax/unwind?
     Blog with a glass of wine within reach.
Do you have any summer vacations planned?
     My husband just had a sabbatical (2 months off of work) in April & May so we went on a cruise to the Bahamas! It was beautiful!
Where in the world has been your favorite vacation destination and why?
     Oh I love to travel but I unfortunately don't get to do much of it! My favorite place would probably be Nashville as crazy as that sounds! I actually lived near Nashville for a couple years where it became my home!
What is the best advice/tip you can give mother to mother?
     This is so hard... because things are said so often that it almost looses its value. But I would say, don't listen to anyone lol... Do your own research and only listen to those you really want to hear their honest advise. Once you become pregnant you are INSTANTLY thrown into a world of unwanted unsolicited advice, and its painful. For instance, there were products that I asked some of my girlfriends if I should purchase and more times than not, when they said "oh you won't need that - don't buy it!" I would need it and see myself right back shopping for the specific item. EVERY baby and EVERY mama is different.
What is your favorite Bumble product?
     Dana Daytripper in Sky Blue Montage