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The winter holidays are my favorite time of the year. I break out my special hot chocolate recipe that I reserve just for this time of the year (recipe coming soon) and I do lots of baking to fill my home with the sweet aroma of cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate. Since we live in sunny Southern California, and we don't get too much snow in our neck of the woods, I still like to pretend there is a change of seasons going on outside by decorating inside with winter elements in mind like frosty snowflakes and winter wonderland touches.

One of favorite home crafts to do with my kids is hanging acorns with touches of glitter and paint. It's super easy and looks so lovely hanging from a mantle or light fixture.


White Acrylic Paint

Paint Pallette

Silver Glitter

Modge Podge

2 Small Paint Brush

7 Medium to large size acorns

Clear floral thread

Optional: 1/4 inch Satin Ribbon  or 1/4 inch Curling Ribbon

 Step by step:

1- Place white paint on paint pallette or small plastic cup.

2- Paint white paint on each acorn petal. Use more or less according to preference.

3- Let paint dry. Usually dries in 1 hour depending on how thick you painted your acorn petals.

4- Mix 1/2 teaspoon of glitter and approx 1 tablespoon of modgepodge on paint pallette or small plastic cup.

5- After paint is dry, then you are all set to paint the glitter mixture on just the tips of the acorn petals on top of your painted petals.

6- Cut clear floral thread into desired length you wish for your hanging acorn to dangle.

7- Tie clear floral thread on to top of each acorn and hang accordingly

Optional: Tie a bow or curl some ribbon on top of each acorn.

TIP: For easier painting and drying, you might want to hang acorns first then paint as they are suspended.




- Written by Designer/Founder of Bumble Collection, Jennie Lynn Johanson. She resides in sunny Orange County, CA with her hubby and two kiddies. She enjoys to bake especially when chocolate is involved and she can often be found in her craft room surrounded by hot glue and anything with sparkle.