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Bumle Mama Crystal

We are so in awe of this multi-talented and beautiful mama, Crystal Levy. Not only does she act and have her own You Tube channel (We have two words for you, Tantrum Tamer. She outlines the recipe of this all natural essential oil on her channel). She is also co-owner along with her husband Jonah Levy of Blue Whale Studios, Inc.  a full service makeup and special effects makeup studio. How does she do it all with two little ones by her side? Read below to learn more about this inspiring Bumble mama and be sure to visit her blog (that’s right she’s a blogger too!) to learn more about her.

Where is your hometown?
I was born in Puerto Rico and then moved to and raised in sunny Orlando, FL.
How many kiddos do you have?
I'm a mama of two girls, Olivia (2 years old) and Avery (5 months old) (Are these not the cutest names?!)
What are your kids favorite things to do right now?
Olivia loves her water table this summer! Plus she is all about play-doh right now and loving on her baby sister (Cue the ahhs. What a sweetheart of a sister!). Avery loves being wrapped in the Solly Baby Wrap and she thinks her big sister is everything (Bring those ahhs back again. Sibling love! We love it!)
What is your favorite activity to do with your little one?
Everything and anything. I love just spending time with them and watching them learn something new every day.
SAHM, WAHM or Working mama?
All of the above! I'm an actress, a makeup artist, a blogger and a YouTuber and I'm always trying to stay creative and inspire others!
Do you have any hobbies?
I love photography and videography so I’m always taking pictures or video. I love editing them too! I have a You Tube channel and I love creating new content! (We love her You Tube video, Freshman Mommy. So very candid and genuine).
Do you have any pets?
Not yet, but we definitely want a dog soon!
Did you have any cravings while preggie?
I’m vegan now, but I craved egg salad sandwiches with Olivia and with Avery I craved orange juice and lemonade.
What one item was an absolute must when packing for the hospital?
My phone charger!
What is one makeup item you can't live without?
Oh man, I can’t just pick one!! Haha. I think maybe a good concealer. (And this pretty mama knows all about makeup! Check out her website).
What is your favorite makeup brand?
I have so many brands in my collection and I have a go to with each one! Right now I’m really loving the YSL line.
What is your go to mama outfit?
Leggings and a tank or tee shirt. I don’t even remember what I used to wear before I had babies. Haha!
If you can only choose one... Massage or hair blow out?
If you can only choose one...Tea or Coffee?
Do you prefer sun or snow?
Somewhere in between
What is your favorite way to unwind at the end of a long day?
I haven’t figured that one out yet!
What is the best advice you can give from one mama to another mama?
We’re all trying to figure it out one day at a time….That’s the beauty and fun of it. Cherish each moment you have with your babies. One day they won’t be babies anymore and you can’t get those moments back.
What is your fave Bumble product?
Loving my Flora Satchel! It’s super spacious for everything that I’m toting around with two little ones. It’s so cute and stylish! I get comments on it every time I’m out with it!

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