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These sweet treats will make your V-Day that much sweeter. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite Valentine themed delectable that will surely make your kiddos smile.

1) Write a love note

Whip up some simple sugar cookies with royal icing and top with a love note written with food safe markers.


2) Sweetheart Donuts

Make it a V-Day to remember with these candy coated donuts.


3) Love in every slice

Love is certainly all around this heart patterned cake roll, but our favorite part is the cream cheese frosting and whipped cream concoction.


4) Woo hoo! Its Whoopie time.

When the kids see these red velvet heart cakes they will surely be shouting "Whoopie!"


5) Bark! Bark!

This is seriously the easiest Valentine dessert  to make. No baking necessary.