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Bring on the parade of pink. It's no secret that my favorite color is pink. It's such a happy and cheerful color. Perhaps that's why it was a no brainer for me when choosing the paint color for the office and my design studio. Anyways that'll have to be a separate blog ;)

So with two little boys by my side,  I don't get to explore those racks of pink pretties filled with girly things. Instead I get my pink fill when shopping for family and friends baby gifts. I have a few brand favorities that are always my go to, but I'm a shopper and I like to explore. Here is a few baby girl gifts that I have on my radar...
Bois Bites's Camera Teether
Photo Courtesy of Bois Bites
Bumble Collection's Bon Apetit Chiller
Photo Courtesy of Bumble Collection
Little Giraffe's Dolce Love Receiving Blanket
Photo Courtesy of Little Giraffe
Sadie Baby's Maggie Suede Sandal
Photo Courtesy of Sadie Baby
Albetta's Crochet Swan Booties
Photo Courtesy of Albetta
Kids Kulture's Personalized Wooden Hanger
Photo Courtesy of Kids Kulture
Founder/Designer Jennie Lynn Johanson enjoys creating. She is a wife and proud mommy of two boys and one fur baby. She is avid designer, writer and crafter. She enjoys spending time with her family and always keeping an eye out for all things pretty and sparkly.
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