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It's a boy gifts
Frogs. Snails and puppy dog tails. That's what little boys are made of according to the popular nursery rhymes. Personally I never did like that nursery rhyme...
As a mom of two boys, I thought it was rather unfair to reference boys in the same sentence as slimy snails while girls get sugar and sweet and everything nice.

Instead I prefer to have little boys in the same sentence as cozy bonnets, pima cotton and squishy stuffed bunnies. So on that note, I have collected some of my favorite baby boy gift items to give minus the snails. Enjoy!
Dream Set
Petite Vigogne Dream Set
Photo Courtesy: Petite Vigogne 

Maileg My First Stuffed Bunny
Photo Courtesy: Maileg

Garbo & Friends Sleeping Bag in Cupola Blue
Photo Courtesy: Garbo & Friends
Louis Louise Gold Cream Slippers
Photo Courtesy: Louis Louise
Garbo & Friends Flora Fauna Book
Photo Courtesy: Garbo & Friends
Oeuf Bunny Baby Bonnet in Grey
Photo courtesy: Oeuf
Founder/Designer Jennie Lynn Johanson enjoys creating. She is a wife and proud mommy of two boys and one fur baby. She is avid designer, writer and crafter. She enjoys spending time with her family and always keeping an eye out for all things pretty and sparkly.
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