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5 Picture Books About Giving Back

Children’s books are a wonderful tool to inspire and encourage a compassionate heart and a spark the spirit of giving. According to TheBalance.com, a good age to introduce kids to the idea of charity is 3-4 years old. At that age a child is able to comprehend that others have a...

5 Snuggle-Worthy Valentine Books for Kids

Valentines is just around the corner and it’s a great opportunity for you and your little one to snuggle up with a good book. I put together a Valentine goody basket for each of my kids and tuck in a good book along with some festive yummies and some heart themed treats. Then leading up to the holiday, I like to go with my kids to the book store and choose some V-day books. Here are the ones we chose for this year along with a brief summary so...

Baby Gift Ideas:: It's A Boy!

It's a boy gifts
Frogs. Snails and puppy dog tails. That's what little boys are made of according to the popular nursery rhymes. Personally I never did like that nursery rhyme...
As a mom of two boys, I thought it was rather unfair to reference boys in the same sentence as slimy snails while girls get sugar and sweet and everything nice.

Instead I prefer to have little boys in the same sentence as cozy bonnets, pima cotton and squishy stuffed bunnies. So on that...

Baby Gift Ideas:: It's a Girl!

Bring on the parade of pink. It's no secret that my favorite color is pink. It's such a happy and cheerful color. Perhaps that's why it was a no brainer for me when choosing the paint color for the office and my design studio. Anyways that'll have to be a separate blog ;)

So with two little boys by my side,  I don't get to explore those racks of pink pretties filled with girly things. Instead I get my pink fill when shopping for family and friends baby gifts. I have...

Love at First Bite


These sweet treats will make your V-Day that much sweeter. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite Valentine themed delectable that will surely make your kiddos smile.

1) Write a love note

Whip up some simple sugar cookies with royal icing and top with a love note written with food safe markers.


2) Sweetheart Donuts

Make it a V-Day to remember with these candy coated donuts.

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